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In this Knowledge Base section, we will provide advice on what in our opinion are the most critical configurations you need to customize prior to start registering domains for your customers using Realtime Register as your domain Registrar/Gateway provider. We'll go over the subjects below step by step and recommend you to follow the chronological order we have arranged in the articles below to fully configure your account for first use.

  1. Activate Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for your admin user
  2. Define an abuse contact, data protection officer and GDPR representative
  3. Customize your account's branding contact details
  4. Customize your branded emails
  5. Customize your branded web templates
  6. Create user roles based on the specific persons/applications/roles that will need access to your Realtime Register account.
  7. Create users that need access to your Realtime Register account
  8. Customize your Watermarks
  9. Customize and set up notification rules
  10. Customize notification schedules
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