Update contact

Login to the portal and go to Domains > Contacts

To update a contact in your Realtime Register account, follow the instruction below.

Lookup the contact you wish to update and click the update button

Submit the changes you wish to make, in the below example we'll update the email address, and click Update contact to complete the update

A message indicating the update has been successfully completed will be displayed


In case a contact is connected to an active domain, an error may come up when updating the contact. Multiple registries do not allow contact updates, the .SE registry is an example of such a registry

In order to be able to update contact information when you run into such an error, create a new contact with correct contact details and update the domain you need to make changes for to that new contact. For more information on creating a new contact, go to the Create a new contact knowledge base article. For more information on updating domains to a new (registrant) contact, go to the Update domain(s) knowledge base article

You've now successfully updated a contact in you're Realtime Register account


In some cases when a contact update is requested and the contact you're updating is connected to active domains in your Realtime Register account as registrant contact, approval of the update by the registrant is required to complete the update. In such cases, the update will be assigned the pending status indicated by a blue bar at the top of the contact overview page

For instruction on checking, re-sending or cancelling a contact updates, go to the Check, cancel or resend a contact update/validation process knowledge base article

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