Troubleshooting designated agent

If your trying to use the designated agent option, but can't seem to trigger it, it's probably not activated for the user you're logged in with. Follow the instruction below to resolve this issue.

  • Check if your user has the designated agent option active. navigate to the user's page in the Domain Manager, select your user and 'Set designated agent (DESIGNATED_AGENT)' should be visible in the list of permissions.
  • If it's not visible, navigate to Make sure you either update your current user role by ticking the "Set designated agent (DESIGNATED_AGENT)" checkbox, or add a user role to your username that has the "Set designated agent (DESIGNATED_AGENT)" checkbox ticked.
  • Click edit user role and log out. Log back in, this will make sure all updates have been reloaded into your user. The designated agent option is now active for your user.

For a detailed view of which TLD's support the designated agent option, review the TLD metadata overview. Tick the features tab and browse your TLD to see if the designated agent option is available for the TLD you need to update.

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