Requests that require attention

Login to the Portal and go to SSL certificates > Dashboard

If for whatever reason an SSL-request ends up in a state for which action is required to complete the request, the required attention status is added to the request and the request itself added to the list of requests available under the Requests that require attention tile. In order to resolve any issues with these requests without intervention of our support staff, follow the instruction below.

When you click the Requests that require attention option on the SSL dashboard, an overview of all certificate requests in your Realtime Register account that need attention to complete validation or have run into an error will be displayed.

Clicking any of the requests will display the request detail page. On the request detail page, information is displayed on why the request is suspended and requires attention to complete. Either in the Validation status notes or in the Messages section, information can be found that provide these details. In the example below you can see that a number of messages from the CA have been received and company validation has not been completed yet for this request 

Validation Instructions

Having issues with domain validation? For in depth instructions on Email, DNS and File validation, go to the in the Domain validation instructions knowledge base article

You can send a message to the CA and ask what the request is waiting for or what's necessary to complete the request all together. The CA typically replies within 24 hours. That's all there is to it, in case you have any additional questions and can't get the request completed in accordance with the CA, you can always send an email to our support department for further investigation. Make sure you provide the common name of the certificate and the request URL in your support request to our support department.
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