Request new Sitelock plan

Login to the portal and go to Sitelock > New order

To create a new Sitelock site in your Realtime Register account, follow the instructions below.

Click Order plan under the plan you wish to create a new Sitelock site for

Provide the domain you're creating the Sitelock site for and either search for an existing sitelock account (1), or submit the credentials, language, and brand for a new sitelock account (2), to create the new sitelock site for as a subordinate

Select the billing period you wish to create the sitelock site with and then click Confirm

An overview of your order will be displayed on the next page, review your order and click complete to complete the order

A message indicating the account creation and order has been completed will be displayed, click view account to go to the account overview page for the account the sitelock plan you've just ordered has been created in

You've now successfully ordered a new sitelock plan
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