Transfer Sitelock site to another Sitelock account

Login to the portal and go to Sitelock

To transfer a Sitelock site to another Sitelock account, follow the instructions below.

Click the active sites tile to open the Sitelock site overview

Select the site you wish to transfer to another Sitelock account

Click the Transfer button behind the Transfer site option

Lookup the account you wish to transfer the Sitelock site too and click Transfer site

A message indicating the transfer has been successfully requested will be displayed

Click the accounts option in the left hand menu, open the account you requested the transfer of the Sitelock site to, and check if the transfer has been completed. If the transfer has been completed, the Sitelock site will be displayed in the sitelist of the Sitelock account you transferred the site to
You've now successfully transferred a Sitelock site to another Sitelock account
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