Customize the SOA-record for a DNS-template/DNS-zone

When creating/updating a DNS-template/DNS zone and you need to customize the SOA-record values, use the below instruction for customizing the SOA-record in the correct format for the relevant DNS-template/DNS-zone that is to be created/updated.

Define the Hostmaster email address, Refresh rate, Retry rate and expire period as desired (units should be submitted in seconds)


The .##DOMAIN## rule in the name box of the Hostmaster field is default. Whenever a template/zone is connected to a domain, the .##DOMAIN## part of the hostmaster email address will be replaced by the domain the template/zone is connected to. You can submit a custom email address if necessary.

That's all there is to for customizing an SOA-record using the various Realtime Register DNS services that are available in our portal

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