Adding a DNSKEY-record to a DNS-template/DNS-zone

When creating/updating a DNS-template/DNS zone and you need to add/update a DNSKEY-record, use the below instruction for adding/updating the DNSKEY-record in the correct format to/for the relevant DNS-template/DNS-zone that is to be created/updated.

To add/update a DNSKEY-record, make sure the DNSKEY-record type is selected from the list of available records

If applicable, submit a name for the DNSKEY-record in the name field and provide the flag, protocol, algorithm and public key in the content field. In case you wish to set a different TTL than specified in the SOA-record, submit a custom TTL for the DNSKEY-record as well.


The DNSKEY record name & content should be submitted as below

Example format of a DNSKEY record
Name Flag Protocol Algorithm Public key


That's all there is to it for submitting a DNSKEY-record in the correct format using the various Realtime Register DNS services that are available in our portal

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