Check pending transfers

Login to the portal and go to the Domain Dashboard

Click the requested transfers tile on the domain dashboard to open the requested transfers overview


Transfer status SUSPENDED

The transfer status suspended indicates that a domain transfer is pending and waiting for final approval or manual action to complete.

Transfer status IN_DOUBT

The Transfer status IN_DOUBT means that an internal error has occurred in the request to the registry to transfer a domain. Contact for any transfer that has this status to resolve the IN_DOUBT state of the transfer process.

Click on any of the suspended transfers to check the status of the transfer. A detailed overview with the resume types available is given under the process details tile. In case a transfer FOA is sent to the registrant and has not yet been approved, a blue bar at the top of the transfer overview page is available with either the option to resend the FOA or to cancel the transfer

For in depth information on the resume types of a domain transfer, check the table below for more information
PROVIDER Indicates the transfer is waiting for action registry side for completion
TIMER Indicates that in case the transfer is not completed in a registry specific time frame, the transfer will fail. Action is necessary to complete the transfer
MANUAL Indicates manual action is necessary to complete the transfer, this can be either manual action for registrant, registry or registrar
INTERNAL Indicates registrar action is necessary to complete the transfer
RESEND Indicates that the option to re-send an FOA to the registrant email address that needs approval is available to complete the transfer after approval through email
CANCEL Indicates a transfer is able to be cancelled manually by the reseller
The transfer info tile provides process specific information on what stage the transfer is in and why it is still suspended. In the detail view below, the transfer is waiting for the FOA to be accepted by the current and new registrant. To complete the transfer, the FOA's will have to be accepted.

An example of the FOA email can be found below. Have the registrant click the link and accept the transfer


Inter registrar transfers or ccTLD transfers

Depending on the TLD that is transferred the type of transfer (internal transfer/inter registrar transfers for example), approval of both the old and new registrant is necessary. The transfer will only complete instantly when both the old and new reigstrant have approved the transfer FOA. In case no approval is given, the transfer will fail once the TIMER resumetype has run out.

gTLD transfers

For gTLD inter registrar transfers like .COM, .NET, .ORG etc. the FOA does not have to be approved for a transfer to auto complete 5 business days after the transfer has been requested with a valid authcode. gTLD transfers will only fail when the registrant rejects the outgoing FOA from the losing registrar.

Once either the new or old registrant has approved the transfer, this will be displayed on the Transfer info tile. After approval of both the old and new registrant, the transfer will be completed

In case you still have questions concerning a transfer that seems to be pending for too long and you wish support to double check the transfer, send an email to with the domain and transfer process portal link and ask support to check if there are any other reasons than the above to why a transfer remains pending
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