Renew a certificate

Login to the portal and go to SSL certificates > certificates


When you renew a certificate, you'll receive a new certificate with the same data as the last one, but with a new start- and end date. The remaining validity from the old certificate will be added to the renewed one. To renew a certificate you'll need one of the below;

Domain Validation certificate

To renew the certificate  domain validation is performed, the same CSR can be used.

Organization Validation certificate

To renew the certificate domain validation is performed, the same CSR can be used

Extended Validation (EV) certificate

To renew an EV certificate both a new CSR and a signed application form are required. In addition, a verification call and a domain validation will be performed.

Renewal terms
  • For a renewal, the remaining validity in days of the current certificate will be added to the new certificate. This is only possible when the certificate type doesn't change.
  • As of 1/9/2020, the maximum validity term of SSL certificates is limited to 398 days. This means that the current renewal period has a maximum of 30 days.

To renew a certificate, follow the instruction below. In the below example, we'll renew a single domain DV certificate.

Click the Certificates about to expire tile on the SSL-dashboard

Select the certificate you wish to renew

Click the renew button

Check the certificate and click Confirm

Click complete order

Click view request to check the request overview

On the request overview page the DCV email can be re-sent and messages can be sent to the CA

On the certificate overview page, lookup the new certificate and open it

Once opened, you can download the certificate bundle by clicking the download button or relevant parts of the certificate bundle by clicking the arrow to open the dropdown

You've now successfully renewed a single domain DV certificate

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