Account details

Login to the portal and go to Account Details

The account details provides an overview of your company data, as well as an option to update them and view the signed contract(s) for your Realtime Register account. Some information requires assistance from our support staff in order to update your account details. Keep in mind that the account details should contain contact data that we as your domain provider are able to get in touch with you.

An adjustable brand is available to communicate your (customer's) company information to your/their clients and the general public. For more information on branding your Realtime Register account for your (customer's) clients and the general public, go to the branding knowledge base article. Instructions on updating your account details and where to find the signed Realtime Register contract for your account can be found below.

Update company details & company name
View signed contracts

Updating company details & company name

Click Update to edit your account details

Submit the changes you need to make and click Update details to confirm the changes

A message indicating your account details have been updated successfully will be displayed. If you were looking to only update self adjustable account details for your Realtime Register account, you're done. If you need to change your company name and/or VAT-number, please continue with the next step of this instruction.

In order to update your company name and/or VAT-number, we need to validate your new company details. To this end, send an email to our support department with the business registration certificate (Dutch KVK excerpt or foreign business registration certificate e.g.) and a copy of the ID of a person authorized to sign for according to the business registration certificate provided.
Our support staff will handle your request to change account details through email from here on out. Follow their instructions through email in order to finalize updating your company name and that is all there is to it in order to update your company name & VAT-number.

View signed contracts

Click contracts to open the contracts overview page. In case there are any contracts that still need to be signed, they'll be displayed in the Contracts to sign tile.

Click on any of the signed contracts to open a pop up which provides full insight in the signed contract and it's terms & conditions

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