Setting up the Domain Transfer Service

To set up a DTS entry, follow the procedure below.

Login to the Domain Manager and go to Support Domain Transfer Service

Take note: If the DTS is not yet activated for your account, contact support or your account manager.

Configuration Page

  • Click 'Start' to start the configuration of your DTS entry.

Next up, you're going to submit some data which will be used for the domains transferred through the DTS.

Transfer Offset (days)

This translates into the number of days before the expiration date of a registration the transfer should be initiated. If no value is entered the transfer will be initiated as soon as possible. Some registrations may have limitations.

Transfer Lock

This translates to locking the domains for transfer your DTS entry has transferred domains.

Admin, billing & tech contacts

This translates to the admin, billing and tech contacts which will be set for all domains transferred through this particular DTS entry.

Funds reserved for daily operations 

This translates to the watermark from which the DTS stops requesting transfers. This will ensure your daily operations will not be interrupted by insufficient funds due to a DTS entry completing regardless of your remaining account balance.


 This translates to the currency you want all transfers in your DTS entry to be charged in.

Privacy Protect useage

This translates whether to set privacy protect for the domains transferred through your DTS entry or not. There are three options;

  • Enabled
  • As is
  • Disabled
  • Once all setup, you can click continue to move on to the next step.

Connection Page

Select current provider

Realtime Register offers a number of providers you can automated transfer from. If you manage registrations at multiple providers you can add one provider at the time. The providers already have an API connection with are detailed below.

  • Enom
  • OpenProvider
  • OpenSRS
  • RRPproxy/Keysystems
  • Resellerclub
  • Bnamed
  • ViritualName


Here you submit you login credentials with your current provider. Your login credentials are saved by the Realtime Register system. If you update your credentials at your provider, make sure you update them at the Domain Transfer Service as well.

Import domains

If set, the Domain Transfer Service will automatically import all domains for transfer. Of course the TLD's you have specified to exclude won't be imported to transfer.

Exclude TLDs

Here you can specify all TLD's you wish to exclude in your DTS entry when you've selected the auto import option above. Make sure you put a comma between the TLDs. You can exclude TLDs you want to transfer in a registry bulk transfer or a TLD that is using a registrar gateway.

A registry bulk transfer can be considered when you have a minimum of 7.500 domains of one TLD at your current registrar. Please note that there are costs involved and the loosing registrar has to agree to this transfer.

Admin contact handle

The ICANN ruled Generic TLDs, allow the admin contacts to accept the Form Of Authorization (FOA). Realtime Register handles this procedure with an email with link to a branded web page.

With the Domain Transfer Service the admin contacts are updated at the current provider to the one specified by you. Submit the admin contact* to in the field provided. The FOAs are bundled as much as possible and the FOA email is sent to the provided admin contact. With one click all registration that are ready to transfer are acknowledged.

* For more information on setting domain contacts, visit the contacts Knowledge Base article.

Consolidate contacts

Existing contacts in the account with matching details will be used instead of creating new contacts in the Realtime Register system. This avoids data duplication and limits the number of contact handles in your account.

If you have not specified the admin, tech and billing contacts at the Domain Transfer Service Configuration, four contact handles will be made per registration. This could result in a substantial number of contact handles.

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