!!Take note!! The IT registry has very strict nameserver requirements. Make sure that:

  • You add the domain you're going to register to the nameservers your using in the registration request prior to registering the domain.
  • Check the nameserver configuration after registration through the DNS check on the Nicit website. If any errors come up, the domain will de deleted after 30 days if the errors are not corrected.

To create a .IT domain, follow the procedure below:

  • Create a contact, or search for a contact already created with valid data to use for the create. For a detailed description on how to create a contact visit the Contacts Knowledge Base article.
  • Add additional properties for .IT (Nicit) to the registrant contact. For a detailed description on how to add additional properties for Nicit review the .IT additional properties Knowledge Base article
  • Request the create through the Domain Manager/API/Third party module. For information on how to register domains through the Domain Manager, visit the (Bulk) Register Domains knowledge base article
  • Once the create has been requested, registration will complete realtime.

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