!!The below procedure has to be executed by the registrant!!

  1. Navigate to the signup page and create an account with hoster.by.

  2. Translate the page to English or in your browser. (English is your best choice here,        other translations do make even less sense than the English one.)

3. Submit all the relevant details and signup. Take note: The Registrant/Company name and the registrant email address must be an exact match to the current registrant details. Otherwise you can't request the transfer.

An example signup with dummy data is given below. Do not use the data in the images below to create your account, use your own data. When transferring on behalf of a Dutch registrant, choose "нидерланды" in the "country" dropdown menu. When all the data is submitted, click "save".

4. Next, you will need to validate your account. The easiest way to do so is by sending documents verifying your company details/identity. If you're logged in to your hoster.by account, navigate to this link.

5. Once your account is validated, send an email to info@hoster.by from your hoster.by account email address and request the transfer of your .by domain to your hoster.by account. Once the transfer is completed, notify your reseller that the transfer has completed.

Your reseller will notify Realtime Register support and they will further process the transfer. If any further actions are required from your side, you'll be instructed by your reseller.

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