To add additional properties for .SE domains to a contact, follow the procedure below:

Create a Contact or lookup a contact you wish to add the .SE(IisSe) additional properties too.

Request validation for IisSe on the chosen contact. For instructions on how to request validation on a contact visit the Contact Validation Knowledge Base Article.

Next, you're going to add additional properties to the desired contact. In this case, you will choose the .SE(IisSe) option. Once you've selected the .SE properties, you'll be directed to the page where you can submit the requested information.

  1. Unique data set or organization number: Submit the data set or organization number applicable for the type of registrant in the contact you're adding the properties to.
  2. VAT-number: Submit the VAT-number if applicable. (only for foreign legal entities within the EU who are registered to pay VAT)

Unique data set or Organization number

Take note: For Swedish residents and companies the official Swedish corporate identity- or personal identification number is required. For non Swedish persons or organizations, any other unique identification number is accepted. This number must be preceded with the country code in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format.        

Use in all cases this format: [CC]number, for example: [NL]1234567890 for a Dutch person or organization and [DE]0987654321 for a German contact.

Fill out the data as requested by the form and click save properties when you're done.

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