• Create a contact, or search for a contact already created with valid data to use for the create. For a detailed description on how to create a contact visit the Contacts Knowledge Base article.
  • Add additional properties for .*.MY, .MY (RegistryMY) to the registrant contact. For a detailed description on how to add additional properties for RegistryMY Review the .*.MY, .MY additional properties Knowledge Base article
  • Request a transfer through the Domain Manager/API/Thrid party module. For instruction on how to transfer a domain through the Domain Manager, review the Transfer Domains Knowledge Base article.
  • The transfer will complete upon confirmation of the transfer email, which is sent to the registrant email address.

Take note: If a registrant change is included in the transfer, documents are necessary to complete the transfer.

Legal entities

For legal entities a authorizing letter and a trademark certificate are necessary.

  • The authorizing letter is to be signed by the legal representative of the registrant on company letterhead, signed by the legal representative and stamped with a company chop. The authorizing letter should be formatted as detailed below.

The domain name to be registered: Mydomain.com.my

Registrant company, COMPANY NAME HERE, authorize InterNetworX to register the domain by using WebNIC's local contact service.

  • The trademark certificate has to valid and approved. When a request is pending to obtain a trademark certificate, registration will not be possible until the trademark has been approved.

Natural Persons

For natural persons one singel document is necessary, a copy of the ID card/passport belonging to the registrant.

  • Submit a copy of the ID carde from which you've added the ID card number in the additional properties for the registrant contact.
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