To create a .MY domain, follow the procedure below:

Once the create is requested, documents are necessary to complete the create. Support will have to forward the documents to the registry. The below formatted documents are necessary depending on the type of registrant your creating a domain for.

Legal entities

For legal entities a authorizing letter and a trademark certificate are necessary.

  • The authorizing letter is to be signed by the legal representative of the registrant on company letterhead, signed by the legal representative and stamped with a company chop. The authorizing letter should be formatted as detailed below.

The domain name to be registered:

Registrant company, COMPANY NAME HERE, authorize InterNetworX to register the domain by using WebNIC's local contact service.

  • The trademark certificate has to valid and approved. When a request is pending to obtain a trademark certificate, registration will not be possible until the trademark has been approved.

Natural Persons

For natural persons one singel document is necessary, a copy of the ID card/passport belonging to the registrant.

  • Submit a copy of the ID carde from which you've added the ID card number in the additional properties for the registrant contact.

Once we receive the documents, registration will be requested. Usually the registration completes within 5 working days.

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