Certificates with domain validation are only checked whether the website owner has control over the domain for which the certificate is requested.

The certificate is trusted by all browsers and ensures a secure connection with 128/256 bit encryption. Domain Validated certificate does not contain information about the company.


The validation is done by sending an email to the address for which the certificate is requested. The validation email is being sent to the following addresses which are allowed for this domain validation: admin, administrator, hostmaster, postmaster and webmaster@domain.example. It is also possible to select the email address from the domain name holder in the WHOIS.

With Certain CA it is also possible to select 2 other methods of validation, 1 is via placing a file on to the website for verification. 2 is by adding an A-record to the DNS of the domain.

Issue time:

The certificate is usually issued a few minutes after the domain validation has taken place.


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