To add additional properties & contact validation for .US domains to a contact, follow the procedure below:

Request validation for the category 'General' on the chosen contact. For instructions on how to request validation on a contact visit the contact validation Knowledge Base Article.

Lookup the contact you wish to add the properties to and open it. Next, you're going to add additional properties to the contact. In this case, you will choose the .US (NeustarEnhanced) option.

Once you've selected the .US properties, you'll be directed to the page where you can submit the requested information.

For both the application purpose and the nexus category, you have multiple options. Choose the option which is applicable to the registrant.

Application Purpose:

This specifies the intended usage for the domain, the below values are possible to submit:

P1: Business profit
P2: Non profit business or otherwise
P3: Personal
P4: Educational
P5: Govermental

Nexus category:

Nexus information is required for the registrants to ensure that only those individuals or organizations that have a substantive lawful connection to the US are permitted to register for usTLD domain names.

C11: A U.S. citizen (Natural person)
C12: A permanent resident of the U.S. (a natural person)
C21: An organization entitled to register
C31: A foreign organization entitled to Register
C32: An organization with office in or facility in the U.S.

Fill out the data as requested by the form and click save properties when you're done. You've now successfully added the additional properties for .US domains.

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