To create a .IE domain, follow the procedure below:

  • Create a contact, or search for a contact already created with valid data to use for the create. For a detailed description on how to create a contact visit the Contacts Knowledge Base article

!!Take note!!: Contact details have to be an exact match to a company's COC-registration/Passport or Identification document for natural persons, otherwise, registration will be rejected. 

!!Take note!!: Special conditions apply which determine if the registrant is allowed to register .IE or not. It's advised to review the Knowledge Base article regarding the additional properties for .IE article before proceeding beyond this point.

  • Request the create through the Domain Manager/API/Third party module. For information on how to register domains through the Domain Manager, visit the (Bulk) Register Domains knowledge base article
  • Once the create has been requested and depending on the basis  of registration you've chosen, support will get in touch requesting you to provide the necessary documents to complete the registration.
  • Once the documents are verified by the registry, registration will be completed.
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