To add additional properties for .IE domains to a contact, follow the procedure below:

!!Take note!! Information added as additional properties have to match the contact information submitted in the contact handle you're adding the properties to, otherwise registration will fail.

Lookup the contact you wish to add the properties to and open it. Next, you're going to add additional properties to the contact. In this case, you will choose the .IE(RegistryIE) option.

Once you've selected the .IE properties, you'll be directed to the page where you can submit the requested information.

For .IE, some specific conditions apply that will determine whether the registrant is able to actually register a .IE domain or not. In most cases if you're not an Irish resident or company, verification of your identity and proof of trade in or to Ireland is requested by the registry. For detailed information, it's best to review the registry website through this link.

Take note: Once you request registration, support will get in touch with a request to provide the necessary documents. Keep in mind that you will need to add the properties in order to receive the request for the correct type of documents from support.

The information found on the registry website translates to the properties you can add in the Domain Manager:

  1. .IE trademark type: Submit if you're registering under an Irish trademark. Logically, submit the trademark type which applies for your organization.
  2. Company reg number: The company registration number of your company.
  3. Trademark Name: The name of your registered trademark
  4. .IE registration basis: The IE registration basis informs the registry on which condition the registrant going to register the domain
  5. Trademark number: The number of the registrants registered trademark

Fill out the data if it's applicable and click save properties when you're done.

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