To transfer in a .DK domain, follow the procedure below:

Take note: No authcode is required for a .DK transfer.

  • Create the Registrant, Admin, Billing, and Tech contacts, or search for Registrant, Admin, Billing and Tech contacts already created with valid data to use for the transfer. For a detailed description on how to create a contact handle review the Contacts Knowledge Base article

Take Note: Additional properties for .DK only have to be added if you're registering on a company name. Registrations as a natural person do not require additional properties. Contact validation does need to be added for both company's and natural persons.

  • Add additional properties and contact validation for .DK (DKhostmaster) to the registrant contact handle. For a detailed description on how to add additional properties & contact validation for DKhostmaster, you can Review the .DK additional properties & contact validation Knowledge Base article
  • Request a transfer through the Domain Manager. For instruction on how to transfer a domain through the Domain Manager, review the Transfer Domains Knowledge Base article.
  • If the additional properties have been added correctly and contact validation has been approved, The transfer will be requested with DKhostmaster.
  • Have the registrant approve the transfer through e-mail. The e-mail is sent directly from the registry to the Registrant and admin contact. After confirmation, the transfer will complete.
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