To transfer out a .*.SG, .SG follow the procedure below:

Take note: In order transfer a  .*.SG, .SG domain to another registrar you must request an authcode.

This is only possible, if the admin contact is not our local contact (trustee). If you are using our local contact as admin contact, you must request a change of the admin contact first. The new contact must be a local contact in Singapore. If you do not have a local presence in Singapore, contact support.

  • To request an authcode, it's necessary to remove the client transfer prohibited status through a domain update. By default, .*.SG, .SG domains are locked for a transfer. Unlocking the domain will automatically create a new authcode. For more information on updating domains, visit the update a single domain knowledge base article.

Take note: If you're using our local contact service and did not set another admin contact, you will not be able to unlock the domain. Once the authorization code has been set, it will expire in 14 days.

  • Once you have the authcode, initiate the transfer with the new registrar.

Take Note: To successfuly transfer out a .*.SG, .SG domain, it's necessary to provide your new registrar with the correct information regarding the domain contacts. Provide the new registrar with:

  • The domain(s) that need to be transferred;
  • The authcode;
  • The Registrant, Admin, Billing & Tech contact data that are currently active for the domain.

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