Login to the Domain Manager and go to SSL Certificates

  • Click create certificate
  • Select RTR Extended Validation and click next
  • Paste and copy the CSR you have created in the CSR box
  • Select the server software you use from the dropdown menu
  • Click Next to continue.
  • Make sure all the data shown in the CSR is correct.
  • Submit a contact in the contact field which matches exact data to the displayed information that is extracted from your CSR.
  • Select the contact you wish to use in the request

Take note: The organization name in the contact used must be an exact match to what is listed in the commercial register. Also make sure you use full names in the name of the natural person in the contact handle, initials are not allowed.

  • Select a period, a validationmethod and optional joiCountryName.

Take note: If the DCV method "E-mail" has been selected select the DCV E-mail Address from the dropdown menu

  • click next to continue.
  • Click create certificate and your certificate will be requested

Take note: Once requested, the validation starts. The validation proces exists out three chronological steps:

  • Return EV-documents
  • Phone Validation
  • Domain validation

Take note: Take note, Domain validation on its own is possible in three different ways:

  • Email based verification
  • DNS based verification
  • HTTP(S) based validation (file based validation)

For more information on the three domain validation methods, click the button below.

Once all validation methods have concluded your certificate is issued. You can download your finished certificate at the through the button below.

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