!!Take Note!! The procedure below only applies if the registrant is using his/her own local contact. If you're using Realtime Register's local contact, you can update the domain to the new registrant contact handle you've created with a domain update.

To successfully change the registrant for a .NO domain, follow the procedure below.

Take note: When using a local contact, be sure to use the correct format for the NO postal code. The correct format is: NO-xxxx

  • Create a contact, or search for a contact already created with valid data to use for the Registrant change. For a detailed description on how to create a contact visit the Contacts Knowledge Base article.
  • Add additional properties for .NO (Norid) to the contact. For a detailed description on how to add additional properties for Norid Review the .NO additional properties Knowledge Base article
  • Update the domain to the desired contacthandle. For a detailed description on how to update domains through the Domain Manager visit the Domain update Knowledge Base article.
  • After the old and new registrant have accepted the update or acting as designated agent yourself in the update, the registrant change will complete.
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