Change of registrant

To successfully change the registrant for a *.ES, .ES domain, follow the procedure below:

!!Take note!!: The Admin, Billing and Tech contacts cannot be specified as an organization as this is not allowed by the Esnic Registry. The Registrant contact may be an organization or a natural person.

  • Create a new Registrant contact, or search for a new Registrant contact already created with valid data to use for the registrant change. For a detailed description on how to create a contact visit the Contacts Knowledge Base article
  • Add additional properties & contact validation for .*.ES, .ES (Esnic) to the new registrant contact. For a detailed description on how to add additional properties for Esnic Review the .*.ES/.ES additional properties & contact validation Knowledge Base article
  • Send an email to and request the registrant change to the contact handle you've created. Take note; An administrative fee may apply.
  • Support will take it from there and informs you through email when the requested registrant change has been made at the registry.
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