Adding the properties through the Domain Manager

Login to the Domain Manager and go to Contacts.

!!Take note!!: Esnic, the Spanish registry, requires additional information about the registrant of .es domain names and the administrative, billing and technical contacts. This means that the additional properties and contact validation have to be added to the Admin, Billing, Tech and Registrant contacts.

Request validation for Esnic on the chosen contact handle. For instructions on how to request validation on a contact handle, you can visit the contact validation Knowledge Base Article.

Lookup the contact handle you wish to add the properties to and open it. Next, you're going to add additional properties to the contact handle. In this case you will choose for the .*.ES, .ES (Esnic) option.

Once you've selected the .ES properties, you'll be directed to the page were you can submit the requested information.

Fill out the data as requested by the form, there are three entity types to be determined:

  1. Natural person with residence in Spain: for Spanish people with an address in Spain. Enter the NIE, NIF number at the field "identification number".
  2. Spanish legal entity: for organizations with a location in Spain. Enter the business number at the field "identification number".
  3. Person/entity outside Spain: for persons or organizations outside Spain. Enter the id number or business number at the field "identification number".

Please click the button below to check if the NIE, NIF or CIF is valid. 

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