To transfer out your .EU domain, follow the procedure below:

To transfer out a EU domain you're going to need an authcode. Authcodes for EU domains are generated on request and will be valid for 40 days. You can create and retrieve the authcode in the Domain Manager or through API. 

To obtain the authcode through the Domain Manager:

  • Log in the Domain manager and go to 'Domains'
  • Lookup the domain you want to create and obtain the authcode for
  • Click update, scroll down and select 'Generate new authcode'. Then scroll down and click save changes to generate the authcode
  • The authcode will now be displayed in the field highlighted in red as shown on the domain detail page below. Keep in mind that the authcode is valid for 40 days.

Request a transfer for the domain with your new Registrar and supply them with the authcode.


If the option to update the domain does not show, please check the expiry date of the domain. If the domain is expired you will not be able to generate an auth code. Please consider restoring the domain and trying again.

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