Status inactive

To resolve this issue please add hosts / nameservers to the .DE domain. If the nameservers are configured correctly the status of the domain will change to " OK " and the domain will start resolving. If the status remains inactive, presumably the Denic NAST-check delivers an errors on the set nameservers for the domain.

To determine if you have your nameservers correctly configured and to obtain documentation on how to setup your nameservers for Denic correctly, click the button below.

Once you've set up the nameservers as specified bij Denic, the NAST-check should check out successfully. 

Now you would assume that automatically the domain should change to the status 'OK'. However, there is no automated check to determine if the configured nameservers are set up correctly.

To get rid of the inactive status, you have to force an 'empty' update on the domain through the Domain Manager/API. Below is detailed how to force an empty update through the Domain Manager.

Open the domain detail page and click 'update'

Swap the Nameservers as detailed below:

Next click 'Save changes' at the bottom of the page and the domain status should switch to 'OK' and the domain should start resolving.

Authcode Generation

Authcodes for DE domains are generated on request and will be valid for 30 days.

You can create and retrieve  the authcode in the Domain Manager or through API. To obtain the authcode through the Domain Manager log in and go to 'Domains'. Lookup the domain you want to create and obtain the authcode for and follow the procedure below:

Click update, scroll down and select 'Generate new authcode'. Then scroll down and click save changes to request the authcode

The authcode will now be displayed in the field highlighted in red as shown on the domain detail page below. Keep in mind that the authcode is valid for 30 days.

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