To obtain a PID number for .NO domains, follow the procedure below.

Open your browser and navigte to the Norid PID generator website. You'll be directed to the page below (keep in mind that the images below are from an exact copy of the live environment, only the live environment is detailed in purple):

Read the terms and conditions and accept them, you'll be directed to the page below:

Ack the captcha and click next, you'll be directed to the page below:

Fill out the requested information as detailed below:

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Identity number: Fill out the full 11 digit Norwegian identity number, this number should be supplied by the registrant.

After filling out al the information, click next and you'll be directed to the page below:

You've now successfully created a PID number to use in the applicant form for private persons. Optional you can choose to receive the PID number by e-mail.

Take note: Information has to be valid, if fake numbers are submitted, registration will be cancelled by the registry.

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