To add additional properties for .NO domains to a contact, follow the procedure below:

Take note:
The data requested in the procedure below can be found on the Applicant Form. If you do not have the required data or an applicant form, review the .NO Applicant Form Knowledge Base article.

Login to the Domain Manager and go to Contacts.

Next, you're going to add additional properties to the desired contact. In this case you will choose for the .no (Norid) option.

Once you've selected the .no properties, you'll be directed to the page were you can submit the requested information.

  • Identity Number: In this field your Norwegian company number or the PID number from the applicant form has to be submitted.

Take Note: When adding the company number of a sub unit, the registration/transfer will fail. The company number of the parent company is mandatory for successfully register/transfer.

  • Version Number: In this field the Applicant Version Number has to be specified. The current version number is '3.0'
  • Accept name: In this filed specify the name of the person who gives consent. !!Be aware!! When registering domains for a Norwegian company, make sure the person you specify at this field is authorized for the company and matches the name on the applicant form.
  • Accept date: In this field you specify the date and time on which the applicant form was issued. Be sure to specify the date and time format like this: 2018-12-31T23:59:59Z

Save the changes and the contact is ready to be used as registrant contact for registering .NO domains.

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