To successfully change the registrant for a .BE domain, follow the procedure below.

  • Create a contact handle, or search for a contact handle already created with valid data to use for the Registrant change. For a detailed description on how to create a contact handle, you can visit the contacts Knowledge Base article.
  • Update the domain to the desired contact handle, an acknowledgment of billables is needed. For a detailed description on how to update domains through the Domain Manager, you can visit the Domain update Knowledge Base article. 

Take note: Keep in mind that the Designated agent option is not available for .BE.

  • Once you've successfully initiated the update, DNS Belgium will send an FOA with an authcode to accept the transfer to the registrant email address.
  • Have the registrant accept the FOA sent by DNS-belgium with the authcode and the process will continue. Until the registrant accepts the transfer, the status of the update will remain pending.
  • After the approval, the registrant change will complete real-time.
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