To transfer in a .BE domain, follow the procedure below:

  • Create a contact handle, or search for a contact handle already created with valid data to use for the transfer. For a detailed description on how to create a contact handle, you can visit the Contacts Knowledge Base article.
  • Initiate the transfer through the Domain Manager / API / Third party APP. For a detailed description on how to initiate a transfer through the Domain Manager, you can visit the Initiate Transfer Knowledge Base article.
  • The transfer will complete real-time if the authcode is correct.


Take Note: If a transfer does not complete instantly and returns the message 'authcode not required' there is no authcode required due to the fact an internal transfer is requested.

If this is the case re-initiate the transfer without the authcode and follow the procedure below:

  • DNS Belgium will send an FOA with an authcode to accept the transfer to the registrant email address.
  • Have the registrant accept the FOA sent by DNS Belgium with the authcode and the process will continue. Until the registrant accepts the transfer, the status will be 'Transfer is pending approval by registry'.
  • After the approval, the transfer will complete shortly.

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