Login to the Domain Manager and go to Contacts.

Create a Contact or lookup a contact you wish to add the .*.UK/.UK additional properties too.

Request validation for Nominet on the chosen contact. For instructions on how to request validation on a contact visit the Contact Validation Knowledge Base Article.

Next, you're going to add additional properties to the desired contact. In this case, you will choose the .*.UK, .UK (Nominet) option.

Once you've selected the.*.UK, .UK properties, you'll be directed to the page below.

Fill out the requested information that is applicable for the type of registrant that is requesting the registration. Take note: this information has must be correct and valid.

Once you've submitted all the requested data, submit the form by clicking 'Save properties'.

You've now successfully added additional properties and contact validation for .*.UK/.UK This will be clearly visible on the contact page as shown below.

The contact you've added the properties and validation to is now ready to be used as registrant contact for .*.UK / .UK domains.

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