To transfer out your .RU domain, follow the procedure below.

To transfer out a RU domain you're going to need an authcode. At this time, the authcode has to be requested by support manually.

  • First remove all transfer locks for the domain through the Domain Manager or API.
  • Send an email to support@realtimeregister.com requesting the authcode for the domain you need to transfer.
  • Support will login with the registry control panel to send the authcode directly to the registrant email address. Currently there's no option to use an alternative email address.

Take note: The registrant email address needs to be verified through email. If the registrant email address is not verified, support will request validation and an email is send to the registrant email address to confirm his/her contact details. Once the validation has been sent, you'll be notified in a reply to your authcode request.

  • Once the registrant email address is verified, notify support and they will request the authcode and confirm the authcode being requested in a reply to your email.

Take note: The authcode is only valid for 72 hours.

  • Once the regsitrant has obtained the authcode, they can initiate the transfer with the new registrar using the authcode and the transfer will complete realtime.

Legacy (RUcenter)

Please note that the action below should only be performed by the registrant of the domain.

Have the registrant go to:


Here, the registrant can request the authcode through the procedure below.

  • Log in to the /NIC-D account provided
  • Enter the domain you wish to transfer
  • Select delivery method. !! SET TO E-MAIL !! This has to be done manually. Collecting at RU-Center is the standard setting.
  • Confirmation e-mail is send to registrant email address. This can take up to 3 hours. !! The authcode is valid for 72 hours !!
  • Use the authcode to start the transfer with the new provider.


If you or the the registrant does not know the correct NIC-D number, follow the procedure below.

  • Click this link
  • Once the link above has fully loaded, scroll down and in the bottom right you can switch to English.
  • No choose to request a transfercode;
  • Once again, switch to the English language;
  • Now you can login to any NIC-D account you wish and request an authcode. If you nor the registrant do not know the NIC-D ID or forgot the password, click the forgot password or contract number test highlighted in blue and follow the procedure.

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