How do I add and update DNS-templates?

Login to the Domain Manager and go to 'DNS templates'.

DNS templates

This page shows an overview of the DNS templates created in your account. DNS templates are used to fill the contents of the nameserver that Realtime Register offers to their customers. These nameservers are and

You can create multiple registration profiles for your account. The pre-filled items can be altered at the start of the registration process.

Click on Create DNS template to create a new template to use with one or multiple domains at Realtime Register. Click on the pencil icon to change the presetting of a particular DNS template. Use the duplicate template icon to create a duplicate of the template as a starting point for a new template. With the trash can icon, you can delete a DNS template.

Create a DNS template

This form lets create a template to use with domains in your account.

The items in the first part of the form are required; the individual records are to choose and filled as desired for your domain names. In order for a domain to resolve at least an A record or an URL record with the right details need to be present.

Adding a 301 redirect

By choosing URL as your Type and filling in the full target URL in the Content box, you're able to set a 301 redirect for the full domain or any subdomain.

Adding SRV records

Take note: if you're adding SRV-records, make sure you add the different values as described and detailed below:

!!Keep in mind that values below are example values!! The actual Service, protocol, name, weight, port, TTL & prio values are detailed by your e-mail provider.

Service and protocol names are specified in the Name field as this example: 


Weight and port are specified in the content field per this example:

  • Weight port

TTL and prio can be specified in the TTL and prio fields per this example:

The complete version will look like this:

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