My price list

Login the Domain Manager and go to Finance > My Price list

To check all the prices for your domains in your account, There is a price list option available in the Domain Manager.

The pricing at Realtime Register is performance and commitment based. The higher the last deposit, number of domains and other active products in the account, the lower your price will get.


By default the category My account is shown. If the listing is empty, you do not have any domain names in your account yet. Click on the category to see the prices of the matching domains. The Country code TLDs are grouped by continent. Click 'All' to show all TLDs.


In order to keep our domain name prices as low as possible, we apply the relevant purchase currency at our registry for each TLD. The prices are shown in the original currency; if you have no balance in a particular currency, the charged price is calculated at the current rate.


All prices are excluding 21% VAT. The VAT, if any is required, was charged at the deposit payment. VAT is only appropriate for customers inside the Netherlands and for consumers and companies without a valid VAT-number inside the European Union. Customers outside the European Union don't have to pay VAT.

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