The .*.UK/.CO.UK/.UK (Nominet) registry does not allow registrant name/company name update. If you need to change the registrant name/company name of a .*.UK/.CO.UK/.UK domain, you can use one of the three options below. 

Please note that you are able to update the contact name if the domain is registered on a company name.

1: Through the portal of Nominet. This will have to be done by the registrant themselves. This is free of charge for you as a reseller. The registrant will be charged with a fee him/herself though the Nominet portal.

  • Please note that any incorrect changes that have to be corrected by support will be charged to your account balance.

2: Through Nominet support, an administrative fee may apply, but the registrant update is processed directly at Nominet.

  • Please note that after the registrant change at Nominet, the domain has to be synced by our support department. Request the sync through e-mail with our support department. Until the sync is executed, the old registrant data will remain visible in the Domain Manager and through API.

3: Through Realtime Register support. Create a new contact handle with the correct registrant information, for instruction, visit the Contacts and .*.UK/.CO.UK/.UK additional properties & contact validation Knowledge Base article Knowledge Base articles.  Once the contact is set up, contact support with the request to update the domain to the new handle.

  • Please note that an administrative fee may apply.
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