The easiest way to update the email address to a valid / working email address is to create a new contact handle with the correct registrant information. If necessary, add additional properties and contact validation to the contact. Then follow the steps below:

  • Update the domain using the Domain Manager, and set it to the new registrant handle. For more information on updating domains, visit the Update a single domain Knowledge Base article. Make sure to use the designated agent "OLD" option. This will skip the step where the old registrant needs to approve the change of the e-mail address.
  • You've now successfully updated a non-valid e-mail address to a valid one using the designated agent option in the Domain Manager.


  • Check your user roles to see if you activated the designated agent option. If not, then please check the box in front off "Set designated agent (DESIGNATED_AGENT)"
  • SAVE and LOG-OUT! Log back in
  • The designated agent option is now active for your user

Through API:


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