To successfully transfer in a .*.UK/.CO.UK/.UK domain, follow the procedure below:

  • Create a Registrant contact to use for the transfer, for a detailed description on how to create a contact handle, you can visit the Contacts Knowledge Base article. Make sure contact details are an exact match with the contact details at the current registrar, otherwise the transfer will fail.
  • Add additional properties and contact validation for .*.UK/.UK  (Nominet) to the Registrant contact. For a detailed description of how to add additional properties & contact validation for Nominet, you can review the .*.UK/.CO.UK/.UK additional properties & contact validation Knowledge Base article
  • Initiate the transfer through the Domain Manager / API / Third party APP. For a detailed description on how to initiate a transfer through the Domain Manager, visit the Transfer Knowledge Base article.
  • Change or request to change the TAG at the current registrar to YOURSRS-NL The transfer will complete in real-time if everything was set up correctly.


If the transfer does not complete immediately after running through the steps above and re-checking step 2 & 3. Then please verify if the TAG has already been updated at the current registrar.

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