The privacy tab

The privacy tab in the TLD metadata overview provides information regarding privacy and is formatted in a GDPR Data Protection matrix.

Log in to your Realtime Register account and go to Support TLD Metadata. Next click the privacy tab, by default, you'll land on the general metadata tab.

Legal disclaimer:The GDPR Data Protection Matrix is meant for guidance only. Under no circumstances, any rights can be derived from this matrix. Always ensure you have a legal basis to process personal data. Refer the following links for more information.

As mentioned, the GDPR data protection matrix is for information purposes only. Consult a GDPR professional in case you need guidance to implement GDPR requirements.


Here, the extension(s) are defined for which the metadata is applicable.


Here, the provider of the extension is defined.


Here, the jurisdiction is defined with a country code.

Terms of service

Here, if available, a link to the terms of service for the registry of the extension is made available.

Privacy policy

Here, if available, a link to the privacy policy for the registry of the extension is made available.

Whois exposure

Here, the manner of WHOIS exposure is defined for the registry of the extension.

GDPR category

Here, information is provided regarding the category under which the extension is delegated.

Privacy protect

Here, a checkbox is either checked or unchecked indicating if the extension supports privacy protect.

GDPR advise

Here, advice is given on how to handle personal data provided regarding the GDPR.

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