The contact properties tab

The contact properties tab in the TLD metadata overview provides details regarding all the supported contact properties for the various TLD's we offer. In this article, we'll zoom in on the information that's actually displayed here.

Log in to your Realtime Register account and go to Support TLD Metadata. Next click the Contact properties tab, by default, you'll land on the general metadata tab.

The different extensions that require or support additional properties are defined on the contact properties tab in the TLD Metadata. We'll go over the different options one by one. First of, registries can be mentioned more than once on this page. Above a good example is given on a registry that is mentioned multiple times; Afnic. As you can see Afnic is mentioned three times; once regarding the ccTLD .FR, once regarding the ccTLD .RE, and once regarding the ccTLD's .TF, .YT, .PM, and .WF.


Here, the name of the property is defined.


Here, the label of the property is defined.


Here, the type of the property is defined.


Here the requirement of the property is defined.


Here, the description of the property is defined.


Here the possible values of the property are defined if applicable.

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