The features tab

The features tab in the TLD metadata overview provides details regarding all the supported features a TLD supports. In this article, we'll zoom in on the information that's actually displayed here.

Log in to your Realtime Register account and go to Support TLD Metadata. Next click the Features tab, by default, you'll land on the general metadata tab.

The different features supported by the extension are defined on the features tab in the TLD Metadata. We'll go over the different features one by one. To determine if a feature is supported, check the corresponding column of the feature for the extension you're looking for. If a feature is supported, the checkbox will be marked.


Here, the extension(s) are defined for which the metadata is applicable.


Here, the provider of the extension is defined.

Regenerate authcode

Defines if regenerating an authcode is possible or not.

Customize authcode

Defines if authcode customization is possible or not.

Transfer FOA

Defines if a transfer form of authorization is sent upon transferring a domain for the extension.

Push transfer support

Defines if a push transfer is supported by the managing registry.

Privacy protect

Defines if privacy protect is supported by the managing registry.

Contact properties

Defines if additional properties can be added for the extension.


Defines if DNSSEC is supported by the managing registry.

Registrant change approval

Defines if registrant approval is necessary upon executing a trade (registrant change).

Designated agent

Defines if the designated agent option is supported by the managing registry.

  • BOTH: Acting as designated agent for the new and old registrant is supported
  • NONE: acting as designated agent is not possible.
  • No information available: The designated agent option is not supported by the managing registry altogether.
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