Set auto renew to false

Login to the domain manager and go to Domains

The autorenew settings are removed per domain. If you want to remove this setting for multiple domains at once we have a powerful bulk tool available in the Realtime Register Domain Manager. The procedure below is meant to bulk update multiple domains to an autorenew false setting. If you're looking to switch off autorenew for a single domain, check the update a single domain knowledgebase article.

Remove autorenew setting for multiple domains.

  • Make sure Autorenew true is one of the filter criteria and filter for results.
  • To update the filtered selection of domains, click on the blue Bulk button.
  • On the next page select Update.
  • At the next form scroll to the bottom and select Automatic domain renewal off, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next.
  • Hit confirm for the requested bulk operation.
  • You've now successfully switched off autorenew for the filtered selection of domains. 
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