Registration profiles

Login to the Domain Manager and go to Domains > Registration profiles

Registration profiles are reusable templates that pre-fills the Register domain form for easy and fast domain name registration. You can create multiple registration profiles for your account. The pre-filled items can be altered at the start of the registration process.

  • Click on the Add registration profile to create a new profile. Click on the pencil icon to change a particular registration profile. With the trash can icon, you can delete a registration profile.

Create a registration profile

To create a registration profile follow the instruction below.

  1. Create a name for your registration profile
  2. Select or create a new a contact for the Registrant, Admin, Billing & Tech contacts. If desired you can hit the blue button to create new contacts.
  3. Select the desired FOA contact(s)
  4. Select the desired nameserver settings
  5. If desired, add DNSSEC keydata
  6. Hit 'create Registration profile' and you're all set.
  • You've now successfully created a registration profile you can use when requesting registrations or transfers.
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