Check incoming transfer status

Login to the domain manager and go to Domains > Transfers

  • Filter for the domain you're looking for and click the book icon to review the transfer status
In most cases there are two statuses possible for incoming transfers. We'll go over them one by one. 
Status Pending FOA
Status Pending

Status: Pending FOA

The pending FOA status shows as detailed in the image below.

The status Pending FOA can have two reasons

Contact validation pending

Prior to transfers being requested with the managing registries that require contact validation, the registrant contact with which you request the transfer needs to complete the contact validation first. If you come across a pending FOA status, always check the registrant contact first to see if contact validation has completed. For more information regarding contact validation, check the two Knowledge base articles below.

Once contact validation is completed, the transfer will be requested.

Take note: Some registries also require Admin, Billing, and Tech-contacts to be validated through email prior to transfers being requested with the managing registry.

Inter registrar transfer

When a domain is transferred from one reseller to another, FOA's are used as well to complete the transfer. Next to contact validation that has to be completed on the new registrant contact with the gaining reseller, it's also required that the inter registrar transfer FOA's are accepted. The FOA's are sent to both the new and old registrant.

Once contact validation and the FOA's have been accepted, the transfer will complete.

Status: Pending

The status pending shows as shown on the image below.

When a transfer was successfully requested with the registry and is pending, the log will give output on the current status. The most common message is "Transfer is pending at registry. Please contact the current registrar for more information". This effectively means that we have no further information on the transfer status, the current registrar has. To give an example, this status message shows once a .com domain has been successfully requested for a transfer with Verisign. The registrant has to acknowledge the transfer through email. The current registrar is aware to which email address the transfer email has been sent, hence the "Please contact the current registrar for more information" status message.

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