Register domain(s)

Login to the Domain Manager and go to Domains > Register

This form allows you to register a single/multiple domain(s) (at once). If not filled by a previous form, you can paste in or type the desired domain names complete with the extensions. You can pre-fill this form using a registration profile created earlier. You can create such a profile on the create registration profile page. For a detailed description of creating registration profiles, view the registration profiles knowledge base article. To create a/multiple new domain/domains, follow the instruction below.

Domain and Contacts

  • Enter the domain(s) registrant admin- tech- and billing contacts

Nameserver configuration

  • No nameservers; the domain name will not resolve
  • DNS template; use a template to work with the Realtime Register nameservers.
  • Nameservers; provide the names of your own nameserver hosts.


Because most registries support key data and very few registries accept DS data, the DNSSEC records you can add are limited to key-data. The Realtime Register nameservers you can use with the DNS templates do not support DNSSEC. If no DNSSEC key-data is needed, hit the delete button. If you do want to setup keydata, submit the details as instructed below.Flags


Set a flag for the kind of signing key used. Choose 256 (ZSK), for a zone signing key or 257 (KSK) for a key signing key.


Choose the algorithm you used for encrypting from the dropdown list. Please note; if you transfer different TLD’s at once, make sure that the chosen algorithm is supported by all registries involved.

Public key

Paste the generated public key in the Public key field. You can add additional DNSSEC key-data by clicking on the Add key-data button.

  • Once you're done configuring DNSSEC or removing it entirely, click next.
  • You've now reached the quote page. Here you can see the amounts that will be charged to your account balance and you can set the number of years you want to register the domains (if applicable.) Click register to request the registration for the domains shown in the quote.
  • You've now successfully requested the registration(s) of (multiple) domains(s) The results of the create(s) will be shown on the quote page as well. If the create(s) do not complete instantly, you can check the progress of the create(s) that is/are pending on the requested domains overview page.
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