(Child) Hosts

This page shows an overview of the hosts created in your account. Hosts are named servers that function as a nameserver for itself and/or for other domains. Typically a nameserver name looks like  ns1.nameserver.com, ns2.nameserver.info.

Add a new host
Update existing hosts
Delete hosts

Add a new host

  • You can add a host to your account by clicking on the 'New host' button.
  • You can specify the Hostname in the field marked with Hostname. Please note that the host you create has to subordinate to a domain in your account. Once you've entered the hostname and IP-address(es), click 'Create and go back to detail page'

Take note: To create a host successfully you need to assign one valid IPV4 or IPV6 address.

  • The created host detail page will now be shown

  • You've now successfully added a host.

Update existing hosts

  • You can update an existing host by looking for it in the list and clicking on it, then once the host detail page is displayed, click 'Update'

  • Make the desired changes and click 'Update host' 

  • A green message indicating the update was successful will be displayed

  • You've now succesully updated an existing host

Delete hosts

  • To delete an existing host open the host detail page of the host you wish to delete

  • Click 'Delete' to delete the selected host

  • Confirm the delete by clicking 'Delete' on the pop up that appears

  • A message indicating the host has been deleted successfully will be displayed

  • You've now successfully deleted a host.
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