Accept billables for domain creates through WHMCS

In our WHMCS module, you might run into the error below for domain creates;

The above issue comes up because WHMCS does not have default support for local contact costs or additional costs for domain creates in the case of premium domains. To resolve the above error and create domains that have additional costs aside from the regular create costs, follow the instruction below.


The whole reason the acknowledgement of billables error returns, is because additional costs for the domain about to be created will be charged and needs to be approved to our API through our WHMCS module. Make sure you've informed your customer regarding the extra costs prior to completing the create. No refunds are given once the billables have been acked and the domain has been created.

In case you need more information on what costs are exactly charged, please contact our support department and provide the error message and inquire for the billables that need to be acked for the domain create.

Once you've accept an order and run into the accept billables message, you'll be presented with the error message below;

To accept the billables and request the create, navigate to the domain overview page WHMCS admin side and click 'Register and accept billables' and the create will be requested 


Take note that the original order on which a domain was requested for creation needs to have a pending status. In case the order on which the domain was paid has a completed status, the register and accept billables button will not be visible on the domain overview page in WHMCS. To check wether the order is pending or not, follow the instruction below;

  • Click view order on the domain detail page
  • On the order overview page, there's an option to set the order back to pending. When it's greyed out, the order is still pending and the registrer and accept billables button is visible on the domain overview page

You've now successfully requested a create and accepted the billables for additonal costs using our WHMCS module.

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