Bulk Import

Login to the Domain Manager and go to Contacts > Bulk import

This page will let you import contact handles you've exported from another registrar for example using a CSV file. In this article we'll provide a step by step instruction on how to import contacts using the Realtime Register Domain Manager.

Take note: The import tool stores all data on browser level to meet GDPR requirements. In case you wish to delete all personal data from the import once you're done, clear your history and all stored personal data from the import in the browser you're using will be deleted.

Required columns

These columns are required and must be present in the CSV

  • handle
  • name
  • addressLine
  • postalCode
  • city
  • country
  • email
  • voice
Optional columns

These columns are optional and may be present in the CSV

  • brand
  • organization
  • state
  • fax
List columns

List columns are used for columns that can have multiple values. To use, add a number to the column name and increment for multiple values. For example, you can have columns addressLine1, addressLine2 etc.

  • In the below example of a CSV import through the Domain manager we'll use a file with headers. Submit a name for the import, select your CSV file and click 'Next'

  • On the next page, You'll be prompted to map the data in your CSV file to the fields for contact creation in the Realtime Regsiter Domain Manager

In our example CSV we have the headers below;

Company name, Full name, Phone, Street, House number, Zipcode, City, Country, Email, Handle, Comments & EmailVerificationStatus

  • Our system automatically maps the headers that are a one on one match, headers with a different name are to be mapped manually. As you can see the handle, city, country and email are mapped automatically, the other fields need custom mapping

  • Once all the mandatory fields are mapped, your import job can be created, click 'Create job' to do so

  • The job detail list will be displayed now. In order to start the import, click 'Run all tasks'. 

  • An overview of all completed and failed tasks will be given right below the job details overview

  • To check why tasks failed, open the failed tasks overview by clicking on it and to check why specific jobs failed. To edit a task, click Edit task in for the task you wish to edit

  • Edit the data in the popup window based on the error message provider, in this case the error message is "The Postal code does not match the format accepted by Sri Lanka. Valid format is 99999". The data used in the contact displays a 6 digit postal code and that's not allowed for Sri Lanka postal codes. Make the changes and save them bij clicking 'Save'

  • A green message will be displayed indicating the update was successful

  • To retry the updated task, select it by clicking the checkbox in front of the task(s) you wish to retry and then click 'Retry slected tasks'

  • A green message indicating the retry was successful will be displayed

  • Once you've completed your import, you can delete it by clicking the 'Delete' button on the right hand side. 

  • A message indicating the delete was successfull will be displayed. !!Also do not forget to clear you browser's history!!

  • You've now successfully imported contacts based on a CSV into your Realtime Register account.
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